100cm x Stayflat Manure Hose 1:32 Scale by Artisan 32 (Cat. no, 24070)


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  • Black stayflat hose / reel pipe / manure hose
  • Outer approx. Ø 3.5 to 4 mm
  • Perfect for the drag hose combination.
  • The fertilizer couplings no. 20233 and 20234 fit perfectly in this hose, but also the Joskin fertilizer ...
  • This hose can be rolled up flat, and can be convex when it is unrolled in the field ...
  • This hose is sold per 100 cm! !
  • If you order this item 2x, you will get 1 length of 200 cm
  • Tip: put an iron wire in it, and you can "put" it in any shape you want and make beautiful curves ....
  • 1:32 scale
  • (this item is delivered without couplings and / or models shown)
  • Photos Schouten set courtesy of fellow builder Adri de Jong
  • Recommended minimum age 14 years
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