Aluminium Aerials/Antenna and Support Kit (Enough for 6) 1:32 Scale by Artisan 32 21240


  • Antennas & aluminum support to make beautiful realistic antennas. 
  • You will receive an aluminum pipe of about 1 mm, which is hollow inside, length 10 cm. Cut it off a piece of pipe (1 cm to 1.5 cm) a sharp knife, as occurred in the photo. (Role / cutting the nozzle so on, then the hole remains open) and drill a hole 1 mm in the roof of the cabin style. 
  • If you want to place the antenna bracket on top of the roof, glue you to the aluminum pipe so, after which your antenna into the hole down with a little glue to it 
  • Want to add the antenna support on the side of the roof of the cabin style, you bend the cut piece of aluminum pipe even with tweezers or between the fingers, and glue them into the drilled hole 1 mm, and then you let the antenna inside pockets with a little glue on it 
  • This set contains a 10 cm aluminum pipe of about 1 mm (hollow) and 20 cm antenna wire from 0,3mm !!! 1:32
  • Suitable 14 years+