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  • Unreal Details Realistic Magic Water 18fl ozs 

  • In our opinion, the best simulated water product on the market - the only one we've found that doesn't shrink, crack or yellow no matter how deep your water feature. 
  • Doesn't need layering for deep water projects
  • Can be tinted with acrylic paints and weathering products for slurry lagoons etc
  • Easy to use, Each bottle contains enough resin to cover an area of (11 square feet)(1584 square inches) by(10219cm square)
  • Also, suitable for floristry displays
  • Comes with instruction guide loaded with water modelling tips and techniques on making ponds, streams, waterfalls, mud puddles and more!
  • NB sometimes the liquid crystalizes during transit. If this happens just emerse the bottle in warm water and agitate - the crystals will disappear.

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