Holstein Cow 'Weeing or Giving Birth' (Unpainted Resin Casting) 1:32 Scale by HLT Miniatures FAB05


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  • 1 x Resin Cow in 'Weeing' Pose (piece of clingfilm not included)
  • Perfect to make your 'herd' more interesting
  • Conversion from a Britains cow (fattened, teats elongated. tail altered etc)
  • These are unprepared, rough castings, so you'll need to remove excess resin/sprue marks and sand gently to remove unevenness before painting. However, the cow in the photo had minimal preparation and we think it looks great!
  • To paint use a good primer first, then quality acrylic paints work well (we use Citadel or Vallejo)
  • Resin is more fragile than plastic, so if one of the delicate parts becomes broken - don't worry they fix easily with Superglue!
  • 1:32 Scale (suitable for 1:35 scale)
  • 4cms High 
  • Suitable from 14 years+