Rust Streaking Paint with Brush (MIG1254)


  • One of AMMO´s best and most popular classic products is now available in an innovative container that will make the entire process of adding streaking effects to your models a more enjoyable experience with accurate results. 
  • The new STREAKING BRUSHER range feature a unique applicator brush with longer bristles which facilitate tracing the long and narrow vertical lines of this particular weathering effect.
  • This new applicator brush will definitely save you valuable modelling time with ease of application and clean up.
  • The unique bottles take up less space on your workbench, and up to 70% less surface area of your workspace when compared to the original presentation of the Streaking line.
  • Save time, space, and effort when applying painting and weathering effects with the new and innovative STREAKING BRUSHER.
  • Recommended Minimum Age 14 years