WM082 2 x Ratchet Straps 1:32 Scale by HLT Miniatures


This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock
  • Ratchet Straps (2) 1:32 Scale
  • 3 Colours available
  • White metal
  • Hooks can grip a trailer chassis, with slight tension. Designed to be left on a display model only - unsuitable for frequent removal or play, as white metal is a soft material and will bend and break easily.
  • Approx Dimensions:
  • Hook (White Metal)- Length 10mm Width 5mm
  • Buckle (White Metal)- Length 1cm Width 7mm
  • Straps (Satin Ribbon)- Length 30cm Width 4mm 
  • Suitable for Age 14+